Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Fever

Spring Fever
Organized by Nicole Russo and Ridley Howard
April 11- May 9
Opening: April 11, 5-8 PM
Gallery Hours are from 1-6 on Sundays.

Spring is the season of rejuvenation. Urges repressed through the long winter months roar to the surface, adding vigor and passion to otherwise ordinary lives.  Spring sees bulky winter coats replaced with skirts and sleeveless shirts, handshakes replaced with kisses, and S.A.D. replaced by L’amour Fou.  This show is a celebration of new found optimism, invigoration, and desire.

Ed Templeton


 Daniel Gordon. Paul Brainard. Andrew Guenther.

Daniel Gordon. Man in Grass. C-print. 20" x 24". 2007.

Paul Brainard. Untitled. Pencil on paper. 22" x 30". 2008.

Andrew Guenther. Not a Doctor, Blue. Acrylic and screenprint on canvas. 22" x 36.75". 2010.

Ed Templeton. Patrick Berran. Laurel Nakadate.

Ed Templeton. Suburbia Put Into Photographic Form.., C-print. 13.5" x 9". 1997/2006.

Patrick Berran. Untitled (RM5). Oil on board. 24.375" x 24". 2010.

Laurel Nakadate. Fever Dream with Rabbit. Video. 2009.

Michelle Hailey. Nicole Eisenman. James Herbert.

Michelle Hailey. In Her Studio. Oil, pencil and image transfer on canvas. 60" x 70". 2009.

Nicole Eisenman. I Love You. Enamel on paper. 26" x 34". 2008.
James Herbert. Two Swans. Acrylic on canvas. 9 ft x 10 ft. 2010.

Jennifer Coates. Fernando Renes. David Humphrey. 

Jennifer Coates. Windbreak. Acrylic on canvas. 9.5" x 11.75". 2009.

Fernando Renes. Drawings. 6 framed drawings, each 16.875" x 18.375". 1998-2010.

David Humphrey. Flavors. Acrylic on canvas. 34.375" x 54". 2002-2009.