Tuesday, February 23, 2010


For Immediate Release:
106 Green presents:


Tenants. Curated by Vera Iliatova
March 7th – April 4th, 2010
Opening reception: March 7, 5-8pm.
Gallery Hours are from 1-6 pm on Sundays

  …the plan should not have to do with an exploit or record, it would be neither a peak to scale nor an ocean floor to reach ... [it] would not be heroic, or spectacular; it would be something simple and discreet, difficult of course but not impossibly so, controlled from start to finish and conversely controlling every detail of the life of the man engaged upon it… 

In his 1978 work “Life, A User’s Manual” George Perec creates a novel from a series of detached observations of a Parisian apartment block. As the novel unfolds, these observations that at first glance appear as infinite lists of disconnected information, create a jigsaw of rooms with their inhabitants caught in a moment of time. The descriptions of apartments with their eccentric tenants, lists of contents, and structural relationships are puzzled into a perceptibly beautiful complexity.  Viewing becomes an activity where written structures are collected together to create a site of convergence.

Using Perec’s novel as a model, 106 Green (known as an exhibition space as well as working artists studios) temporarily houses work by Jonathan Ehrenberg, Rochelle Feinstein, Dana Frankfort, Jackie Gendel, Christopher K. Ho, Jennifer Hodges, Mikhail Iliatov, Julian Kreimer, Susan Lichtman, Justin Lieberman, Bobbie Oliver, Rachel Roske, Zak Smith, Craig Taylor, and Kevin Zucker. The objects put together in this space have connections either in genre, aesthetic modes, narrative impulses, or in the fact of being devised by artists who work in close conceptual proximity. The show becomes an enigmatic puzzle that invites interpretations and creates relationships between the artists, the space, and the viewer. 

Installation Shots:

Entrance Gallery. Susan Lichtman. Jonathan Ehrenberg. Dana Frankfort.

Susan Lichtman. Open House. Oil on canvas. 24" x 18". 2008.

Jonathan Ehrenberg. Red Window (still from Seed). Framed digital print. 16" x 12". 2010.

Jonathan Ehrenberg. The Hollow (still from Seed). Framed digital print. 16" x 12". 2010.

Dana Frankfort. White Flowers. Oil on canvas. 20" x 16". 2006.

Craig Taylor, Justin Lieberman, Dana Frankfort.

Main gallery. Mikhail Iliatov. Kevin Zucker. Susan Lichtman.
Mikhail Iliatov. Neighbors. 2-channel audio. 34:12. 8" x 11" x 36". mixed media. 2010.

Kevin Zucker. Untitled (study for a missing-content painting). Acrylic, transfers on canvas. 41" x 30". 2006.

Susan Lichtman. Figures Beneath a Tulip. Gouache on panel. 7" x 5".2006.

Susan Lichtman. Light Tulip. Gouache on panel. 7" x 5". 2006.

Main gallery. Mikhail Iliatov. Kevin Zucker. Susan Lichtman. Christopher K. Ho. Craig Taylor.

Main gallery. Christopher K. Ho. Craig Taylor. Justin Lieberman. Jennifer Hodges.

Christopher K. Ho. Voltron Cullen Kubla Khan. Framed digital print. 13" x 10". 2010.

Craig Taylor. The Bit. Archival board and plaster polychrome. 42" x 12" x 6". 2010.

Justin Lieberman. Untitled. Mixed media various sizes. 2010.

Jennifer Hodges. Untitled. Acrylic on canvas. 24" x 11". 2008.

Main gallery. Jennifer Hodges. Rachel Roske.

Rachel Roske. For Ages or for Hours. Oil on canvases/fabric. 14"x19", 8"x19",9" x19".

Main gallery. Zak Smith. Julian Kreimer. Rochelle Feinstein.

Zak Smith. The operation you have chosen cannot be performed. Ink on paper. 24" x 19". 2008.

Main gallery. Julian Kreimer. Rochelle Feinstein. Bobbie Oliver. Jackie Gendel.

Julian Kreimer. Car Park. Oil on linen. 18" x 18". 2009.

Rochelle Feinstein. A Wonderful Place to Live. Laser print/oil on linen. 33" x 33". 1991.

Bobbie Oliver. Untitled. Acrylic on canvas. 27" x 23.5". 2007.

Jackie Gendel. Déjà vu. Oil on canvas over board. 26" x 24". 2009.